An Orthodox Wimbledon: Djokovic and Halep Win Tennis’ Biggest Tournament!!!

Here’s why they’re helping to make tennis more conservative! ***BONUS VIDEO: Djokovic “We are Orthodox brothers!



39 thoughts on “An Orthodox Wimbledon: Djokovic and Halep Win Tennis’ Biggest Tournament!!!

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  2. As an Australian , i apologize for Nick Kyrios and that other knob whose name has escaped me. These two dickheads never fail to embarrass me , and most decent Australians , every time they're on the court. They make us look like the wanker capital of the world.
    Whenever they're playing a European star…….i tend to support the European!

  3. Serena is famous , a millionaire, probably lives in a mansion. In what way does she not have equality?
    And all because she's good at some useless sport.
    She's doing better than most of us so called 'privileged' ones.

  4. I wonder what cause Serena Williams was fighting for a couple of weeks ago when she tore up a practice court at Wimbledon with her racket and was fined once again..This time for 10,000 Dollars.She's become a spoiled pompous liberal SJW brat.Her Sister Venus however is a class act and has been for over 20 years.Serena is the exact opposite and getting worse with age.And that is just the truth.

  5. Simona Halep is amazing!!! Not just an outstanding tennis player but a genuinely nice human being. I love and admire her so much. Bravo Simona, Bravo Romania🇷🇴❤️🇷🇴❤️

  6. I'm a Romanian fan of Halep, but i'm quite on the opposite end. Halep played really good, but had a bit of luck, Serena a bit of bad-luck and didn't manage it correctly. Normally she can beat Simona.

    I'm as left as it gets, communist and even beyond ( lol ), but i have some limits: i reckon our spirit is in an animal body, thus we need our territory (private property), and we receive joy ape-style (animal-style lol ). also our nature requires hierarchy, with the man on top of the woman. i reckon the importance of religion, for non-lefties, which is essential for society. i even aknowledge the natural impulse of racism (natural for a child bitten by a dog to be afraid of all dogs. it requires "anti-animal" human effort/judgement to inhibit and transform it). it's also interesting that while our spirit is more left-wing than a bee (bees can easily be communists because they never mate), our bodies are more right-wing than any animal because we're the only ones in mating season all year.(thus competition, etc)

    So indeed, the left can go too far, in which case the right has to step in, but i always want the mind (that takes the body into account) to rule our life, never the other way around.

    My only issue is to not confuse the american democratic party with left, rather the progressives (justice democrats, Bernie, etc). the extreme radical leftist in a bad way looks like a depressed sucker without any joy, taken advantage of.

    A screaming transgender is not left-wing, but right-wing. its just that its of a foreign "tribe" thus the conflict. if you're a muslim in USA it doesn't mean you're leftist, you just have a personal interest in choosing the left because its all-loving. identity politics is also by definition anti-left (left means watching over the interest of OTHERS, thus it cannot believe you need to be black to care for blacks. / gays/ women/ etc)

  7. Williams is 2 things (apart from an incredibly successful tennis player). She is American, & black. From what I understand, the latter gives her a reason to have a massive chip on her shoulder, as anything, & I mean ANYTHING that doesn't go her way is due to either racism or misogyny. It saddens me to see such behaviour, especially from someone who should be a role model for young women. When Williams can play 5 sets of tennis (6 really, as set 5 was 25 games) as Djoiovic & Federer did, she should be grateful to receive the prize money she gets! Well done Simona; you're a breath of fresh air, & you cut your big headed rival down to size.

  8. Dont take what this jew says too seriously…..they usually speak bullshit in the pursuit of money…..NOTE.SOROS THE HUNGARIAN JEW IS FINANCING THE INVASION OF EUROPE BY THE THIRD WORLD.

  9. You should put this Serena in title cuz you talk much more about her than about Novak and Simona. What's the problem about being an orthodox? You should read Khumran manuscripts Dr.

  10. Its great to see stuff like this. World is going nuts .. Left wing is out of their mind, and these women equality movement is just an exuse to push leftist agenda down our troat. Its amazing that American women are talking about equality… I live in USA .. and women are EQUAL 1000 procent . Congrats to Simona and Novak , Romania and Serbia !

  11. I love both Djokovic and Federer. Nothing to do with religion, just because both are awesome players. Any match between these two is always a treat to watch.

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