Ceva_Nou_Despre_BREAKING NEWS: Fmr. Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook Posts!! SHARE EVERYWHERE!

Former Marine Raub Brandon was taken by FBI and Secret Service last night (8/15/12) for his patriotic Facebook Posts. Now being held in mental hospital…DEVELOPING STORY!! SHARE EVERYWHERE! YOU ARE NEXT!

Video of the arrest!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLpChd1-8Q4&feature=player_embedded#!

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38 thoughts on “Ceva_Nou_Despre_BREAKING NEWS: Fmr. Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook Posts!! SHARE EVERYWHERE!

  1. Funny how this station knows very little about this story – does not usually do this stuff – and yet instantly they have a picture of this marine with his puppy – perhaps FAKE NEWS here. What do you think?

  2. in England if you say anything negative about the Monarchy ruling class they can put you in a mental hospital. THE UNITED STATES INC is a British Tax Plantation. so we can expect the same here until we get out contitution restored and we get out country back.

  3. NDAA in action, they can now simply accuse you of their definition of terrorism and bam your locked up. Their definition always changes to fit each individual circumstance.

  4. The 2nd Amendment was put in place to usurp our government if it were to ever become corrupt. So according to the FBI's logic, if you promote the 2nd Amendment and the restoration of the country, you are then labeled a terrorist? Meanwhile the gov't has no problem with recruiting these patriots to fight in their unconstitutional wars to begin with. "WOE TO THOSE WHO CALL GOOD EVIL AND EVIL GOOD"!!!!! Isaiah 5:20

  5. This ability to call on the term "terroristic threats" can get out of hand. Use of this term has been random at best, selective at worst. Years ago, I had met a woman who was in jail for "making terroristic statements" because she had spoken out with some sympathy for the Columbine shooters very soon after the incident; keep in mind the first story was that they were guys who didn't fit in, who had been bullied, this had been the first info on the situation. This little elderly black lady was a cafeteria worker in a school in Georgia at the time, she had said she felt sorry for them and could understand to some extent the frustration kids like that could feel, she said she understood why they snapped. I'm sure this lady had seen plenty of bullying in her time as a cafeteria lady. She was arrested and jailed for her comments which were not inciting violence at all. There was a great effort by schools to be on the alert to report anything that could be construed as supporting violence in schools, at that time. I spoke with this lady and I know what was done to her was wrong. She said the wrong thing perhaps, in retrospect, but it had not been in any way a terroristic threat. Yet, I often read many comments that are much more threatening, especially towards Obama or other government leaders every day, especially on youtube.

  6. Apparently the FBI/CIA is staunchly anti-American and pro-New World Order. They are not your friends, they are not here to protect you, they are in place to kill you.

  7. If you want your freedoms back, then you need to round up all of the Jesuits and execute them!
    All roads lead to Rome and to the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church.

  8. Get these racist anti-American hillbilly POS! They think because they grew up in the ass end of nowhere that there aren't laws in the rest of the US. If you don't like the US then get the fuck out!

  9. OK, so you've had almost 750K lookers on your post. What the hell have you done since to follow up on this story? What about giving his Mom a call?

  10. To those who deem his kidnapping to be justified, you are NOT Americans at all.. To the ones who think he threatened violence.. He was quoting SONG LYRICS. Swollen Member – Bring Me Down – "When Mad Child step on stage, I cause hysteria Now they won't let my crazy ass back in America Eagle labeled me as an illegal evil immigrant I'm far beyond the magic of a wand inside a wizard's fist Sharper than the hand of Edward Scissor's, I'm a wiz at this Hotter than the desert but I'm colder than a blizzard kid Harder than a prison bid, with God I'm never hesitant My business it isn't as amazin as it's ever been As long as God allows me to be clever it will never end SHARPEN UP MY AXE AND I AM BACK, I'M HERE TO SEVER HEADS Compulsive obsessive, I'm also aggressive My mouth is the message, my life is a lesson, my pulse is a blessing"

  11. You can't get a lot of people to believe that the US government spy's on its citizens and especially on the Facebook ………………they know exactly what they are doing and they also know that they are carrying out unlawful and unconstitutional operations ,such as this and that doesn't even scratch the surface of the depths they go ………..hard to believe so many people don't believe in this and believe the law is in the right ….UNTIL they come to their door and THEN they believe it and it's too late then to start believing it but i wish them all good luck w/that

  12. If you are in military or Ex military , and you are arrested for military related issues, no verdicts will be read to you, no reason for your arrest is necessary.

  13. It seems many people just don't get it: All the armed American Patriots make up the BIGGEST ARMY ON THE PLANET! And that, my friends, is why the demon-crats want to disarm us. But, it just "aint" gonna happen! Please get with your neighbors and form a well-armed neighborhood protection group. That is what is meant by "Militia" in the Second Amendment! Please share.


  15. I stomp conservative ass Hitler did the same to the Germans and Austrians and look what happened to them now to apply for a job you can't speak your mind. There is a Christian saint that acctually warned us one day they will put a window tax to you then they will come to take your Guns, you shouldn't give them your guns give a gun to your neighbor and stand up for eachother. with Obama in office I see more Christians being persecuted and killed for their belief sad is the dollar bill says one nation under God but I guess you liberals praise idiot liberal politicians as a God when they are just not.

  16. I stomp conservative ass how dare a caprice wearing liberal sob are you? your leaders especially your president the one that takes out loans from China Japan and other south east Asian countries to support welfare recipients free housing for gang members and illegal immigrants especially funding certain groups in mid east to over throw their governments to start a world war to keep him in office for a 3rd term. the marine had every right to speak his mind remember we were founded by founding fathers with a constitution and ammendment rights to speech thought religion and right to bare mother fucking arms. because the government is turning to crazy eyes george the 3rd to take over by using hipsters and the gay adgenda even using the welfare recipients to become their pawns in a war against constitutionalist Christians veterans for their own game. I support the marine and oorah to all that served

  17. It's currently July of 2015. Almost 3 years since he was unlawfully placed in a mental health hospital! Does anyone know where the Hell he is? Does anyone know if he was released and ok? Has he mysteriously "disappeared" like so many others like him? I honestly don't understand the 3 years of "silence!" Considering what an outrageous, unconstitutional and disturbing story this was, "Why havent You, or any alternative media reporter who originally covered the story in 2012 ( including the idiot mainstream media) followed up on this story!"

    Finally I must ask? "Why isn't the welfare of this US Decorated Marine, "Who faithfully served his Country to protect all of 'US'…The Citizens of the United States, no longer news worthy!!!

  18. Most Americans are taught in school that fascism is a ruthless one party dictatorship, the most popular example being Nazi Germany. This is a misconception. Fascism is a political economy, not merely a political system that existed in one moment of history. Fascism, as defined by Black revolutionary and assassinated political prisoner George Jackson, is the complete control of the state by monopoly capital. Fascism is the last stage of capitalism in the heart of the US imperial center where the relationship between the state and corporation becomes indiscernible.  A difficult, but necessary, task for the left in this period is to acknowledge that fascism is the system of rule in the United States.

  19. Retaining freedom can be possible by starting to claim a Universal Basic Income from your government. Any government. (German:) Ihre Regierung…. (French:) Chaque gouvernement! Please, don't believe it's too expensive. For example: every American should receive a monthly 800 Dollar cash transfer, unconditionally. All together it's the same amount of money as a fourth (1/4) of the current American military budget. Very important, pass this on, thanks. Only then, people can regain strength, health & well being, and so be able to send bad lawmakers home. The thing we can do in the mean time, is to appreciate the good things around us. Improving our environment should be the issue, luxury comes later. That's my proposal.

  20. I thought our so called fine President was changing all that! We can now be arrested without probable cause and detained! Didn't he sign that in with his trusty pen yet. I remember him talking about it.

  21. If you are taken directly to a mental health facility it is not considered an arrest so no need to read someone their rights, and if you are admitted to a mental health facility for any reason for any length of time you cannot own a firearm for at least ten years. This will happen more and more.  

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