Ceva_Nou_Despre_BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biggs Has (Redacted) FBI Document On Seth Rich!

This is just now breaking via Joe Biggs on 5/28/2017 Around 1AM CST. He says he has bombshell (heavily redacted) FBI document that’s (still) classified that details what the FBI knows about Seth Rich, his laptop, the DNC and Wikileaks e-mails. This was gathered from first Joe Bigg’s tweet, and then live stream. Sharing for all of humanity to know. Seth Rich deserves justice.

Joe Biggs just posted a second live stream to explain a little further; https://t.co/zhcjlfCUL8

This is still breaking news, and is preliminary information. It’s raw.

sursa video


12 thoughts on “Ceva_Nou_Despre_BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biggs Has (Redacted) FBI Document On Seth Rich!

  1. I trust Joe i don't think he would lie about this,and he is right about Donna Brazile and the other women threatening people to stop investigating the Seth Rich murder,Donna got busted threatening a police chief.

  2. The document has been released and so far, it's questionable. Others have pointed out various flaws. Wikileaks thinks it's fake – and they ought to know. I was curious why the FBI would redact only two letters from Seth Rich's name? The purpose of redaction is to hide the entire name, not just a few letters. I would assume. I'm wondering if the document's material may not be true but someone fabricated the document because they so desperately want it out in the public. Or, it's just a gimmick, which disgusts me. This young man was MURDERED and we've got goons out playing games?? Disgusting.

    But my channel is not the mainstream media. People report stuff on Twitter and I'll let you know about it so you can decide. They're (Bigg's and his source) claiming to have more documents so only time will tell.

  3. Sounds promising but remember the DNC plants false flags for guys like Joe Biggs, Cernovich, Infowars, and yourself to unearth.  The DNC plants these false flags so you guys jump all over it, and later they prove you wrong.  That being said, " I hope this story has legs and is true."

  4. Wikileaks tweeted about the so-called FBI document that this Joe guy received, and they say that the document is a poor quality fabrication. Not reliable.

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