Ceva_Nou_Despre_Breaking News: Major Worldwide Cyberattack

Breaking News update with Steve Lookner about today’s major worldwide cyberattack

sursa video


10 thoughts on “Ceva_Nou_Despre_Breaking News: Major Worldwide Cyberattack

  1. Sounds like Jew deception/propaganda to me but hey I know the truth . Everyone else go on believing this fake nonsense distraction to hide what Trump/Israel are really up to with the fake terrorism wars. look up the facts folks Trump is not even remotely doing what he said he would and this channel of all people should discuss this openly . Trump will never be held accountable to his supporters for his disregard for their vote because people like you lie for him and Israel. You people are not Nationalists or Patriots of any kind and sure aren't any kind of true journalists​ with integrity . I voted for Trump and I don't appreciate his Treasonous behavior or your silence on the matter.

  2. Y'all do understand that people clicking on a prerecorded video do NOT want to have to search along looking for the moment the show begins. PLEASE edit out the first 2-3 minutes of delay before uploading to YouTube.

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