Ceva_Nou_Despre_BREAKING NEWS: Paris Hilton apologizes for multi-billion fiasco

Paris Hilton admits a scientific scam and offers a brilliant solution to save mankind: sodastream. Get yours today:

Concept and Production: Allenby Concept House

Director: Ohav Flantz

Story and Screenwriters: Guy Assif, Yoash Foldesh and Ronen Harten
Special thanks: Asaf Schouten

Producer: Aya Hecht

SodaStream Team:
CEO: Daniel Birnbaum
VP Global Marketing: Matti Yahav
Head of Global Communication Marketing: Shiri Hellmann
Head of Global Digital Marketing: Itai Bichler
Chief Communication & Global PR Manager: Maayan Nave
Global Communication and Research Manager: Jodi Ben-Meir

Executive Producers: Guy Assif, Eli Peer and Srulik Einhorn
Allenby VP Creative: Yoash Foldesh
Creative and Design: Ronen Harten

Cinematography: Roman Linetsky
Editor: Yuval Shar
Art Dirctor: Michael Sassom
Stylist: Yael Shenberger
Post-production Supervisor: Mandy Morris
Post Production Facility: Broadcast Media
VFX Supervisor: Daria Belov
Grading Artist: Paul Wolf
Sound Designer: Avi Zonshine
Production assistants: Savyon Einstein, Eyal Partush, Noy Biran
Staylist Assitants:
Make-up&Hair: Rollando Aqui

Paris Hilton Team:
Agent: Alix Gucovsky
Stylist: Sammy Kassaie
Hair Stylist: Yuichi Ishida
Makeup Artist: Alexander Echeverri

Executive producer – Brad Magers
Producers- Juwan Lee, Brandon Hairston
Production Supervisor: Natasha Pierson
Production Manager: Jessica Holmes
1st AD: Marc Kelly
Art director: John Richoux
Casting maneger: Dustin Blackburn
Focus pullers:
Milush: Sergey Detyuk
DR Phil: Troy Blendell
Twins: Garry and Jason Clemmons
Scientist: Joanna Bateman, Joe Hakik, Yuki Bird, Diane Kelber

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41 thoughts on “Ceva_Nou_Despre_BREAKING NEWS: Paris Hilton apologizes for multi-billion fiasco

  1. I feel like is a total mock and piss take of actual people babies children dying and being severely affected by environmental shit in the world…. Its like a mock of it. Fucking sad.

  2. Only problem is, SodaStream is like $100 and a 2 liter bottle of sparkling water is like $2. The only difference is that you don't have to carry a bottle home?

  3. you've made a very bad decision via the "previous" video…. with all due respect, drinking water is not only a worldwide problem; it's also a national problem, I can personally attest to–not a laughing matter…..an Orsen Well's radio-broadcast-approach to marketing, is like discussing Machiavelli to a child–you're better than this.

  4. I love Paris! For one very simple reason! This female isnt stupid, she is smarty and comedian and she does what she does her best – being her fun freaky cool self and this is so funny! luv it 😉 Paris for President! xoxo hashtag HIlton style hahahahahaha

  5. Thanks Paris, for saving the sea turtles. I'm sure that carbon footprint you've developed will not affect the environment..and I'm CERTAIN that we won't find your Hilton Bubble machine washed up on a beach in 10 years.
    that's sarcasm.
    I wonder if her dog was found in a turtles gut?

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