Ceva_Nou_Despre_Fukushima Breaking News: 99% Salmon Collapse & 95% Pacific Ocean DEAD

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sursa video


7 thoughts on “Ceva_Nou_Despre_Fukushima Breaking News: 99% Salmon Collapse & 95% Pacific Ocean DEAD

  1. Look at my Google Plus profile, lots of article showing Salmon runs and how they were at high levels. I know someone who was commercial fishermen and he would talk of boom and bust years. he had it down for a while that the years he worked were higher years, he always quit fishing when he felt the salmon runs would be low. then start again when years were up..

  2. nothings changed here bro… lots of fish, lots of birds. nothing amiss that i can find. my radiation detector …INSPECTOR USB has not shown any increases in 4 years. I test oysters, clams, and salmon , plus quill back rockfish. nada bro….will let you know if there is any change . promiss :).

  3. Outstanding! Kevin Blanch .. lie till you die .. disgusting. Durnford … he never stops fishing for whales. It looks like some guy named Omar is the newest fool. The $4,500.00 camera scam. Unreal.

  4. Kevin Blanch and Dana Durfuck both are "amateur night in Dixie", as they say in the U. S. of A. It is a shame that these mountebanks dominate the discussion. Fukushima is bad enough without these imposters.

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