Ceva_Nou_Despre_New World Order One World Government United Nations Global Takeover Breaking News NOVEMBER 2016

New World Order One World Government Islamic United Nations Global Takeover Breaking News NOVEMBER 2016 End Times News Update OBAMA UN FULL SPEECH NWO Spirit of AntiChrist End Times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLekzsgHWbk

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37 thoughts on “Ceva_Nou_Despre_New World Order One World Government United Nations Global Takeover Breaking News NOVEMBER 2016

  1. ah yes I see the utopian dream… And they try to sell it to us the sheeple Through The Beautiful People of Hollywood oh and let's not forget the uber wealthy… No thank you.. I say the UN should be disbanded along with the EU they are not elected by the people's who they rule over they are selected from within their own governing bodies… They wish to have a one world government with a PowerPoint structure at the top… I for one say no thank you


  3. New World Order, just read them first two words, new world has been ordered. All this so call awakening is a controlled realise of information, why world they realise this information knowing it would put the elite at risk??? IT'S TOO COLLECT DATA IN THE REACTIONS OF THE MASSES FROM MANIPULATION TO HELP THEM PREFECT THERE CONTROLLING OF THE MASSES, BUT NOT THIS MASSES, IT'S FOR THE NEW WORLD MASSES. WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF WORDS.
    There is ruins on earth all from different times and different civilisations, some of these civilisations were far, far more advanced than we are and they are no longer on this earth, why??? The was drawn by turning earths magnetic field of allowing the waters of space to fall on the earth. What would it look like if this was done but before I tell you, you need to know stars can now be created in labs, it is done by sending sound frequencies into water, hitting a bubble causing the air in the bubble to implode in to a little star, it's called sonoluminescence, so now you know that, if you was stood there 1 night and earths magnetic field was turned of, it would look like all the stars would be falling to the ground, then the wind from this would flatten anything in its way, now do you want to know what it dose say in the bible about end times? The full moon became like blood, and the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. Here is a link if you want to read the rest >https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+6%3A12-17&version=ESV. Why do all this? It's to refresh the DNA because once DNA is damaged it is pasted on to our children, then they pass it on to there children, it why doctors ask you is there any members of your family suffering with any conditions when trying to examine you. Like it or not we are slaves and we have been created to mind this part of the flat plain. Anyway it's up to you if you think I'm full of shit or not. Hope you at least enjoyed the read. Good day to you all.

  4. This will be the last president….NWO is abt to take over. The ruler will rule from Egypt. He will be revealed. He has been running the show this entire time.

  5. Sounds all good at first, then you realize its the stinking UN,, The filthy UN run by Ultra rich elites, then you see that the evil is real. An agency that crushes country sovereignty. That Attack American Liberty. These are the same sick elites like bill gates who want to depopulate the earth. No, NO THANKS UN  No one needs you.

  6. Bunch of rich millionaires talking about making the world better for poor people. well maby having 60 million in the bank while min wage is 18k a year is part of the problem.

  7. Extremely informative, well put together presentation of exactly what the worldly powers are planning to do to the oceans. Thank you for posting this.

    Is it for the good of preserving our sea life? Or in fact will these "no go" spots be used to drain crude oil, exploit our food supply of fish and create bizarre species using genetic modification?! The UN – a monster or coming in the good of humanity-you decide………

  8. some utopian dream….first fuckin tackle this menace of religion jihadists….this is secularism and human growth index you are trying to gain and achieve which is the very evil considered by jihadists…

  9. If you just sign the government loyalty contract you don't have to worry any more. I just sit back and collect my government loyalty check while the rest of you fools have to go to work every day so I don't have to.

    Excuse me people, my limo is here.

  10. Lets get this New World Order, Martial Law, FEMA Camp shit started!!!!! I have to say it: NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! life will go on!

  11. Take from the high to middle class and give to the poor while the filthy rich evil Socialist rule with an iron hand. If you question the rule of the Anti-Christ and his appointed ones who will set up shop in Jerusalem they will make you disappear. They will have everyone working as slaves just to survive, for the benefit of themselves while saying its for the entire planet, everything and everyone on it. This whole earth is a round globe where rockets never go straight up, NASA and the rest of the world space organizations play movie set, broadcast to the world so you believe it while millions either question or deny God because of their deep space myths IS THE MAIN MISSION OF THE ANTI-CHRIST AND THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!!!! They will reinforce it with a fake alien visitation next to fool the majority while the real Church of Christ will run and hide from the Anti-Christs coming wrath until Christ returns. Christians, Muslims and alike have been waiting for the anti-Christ to come and do his signs and miracles in the sky to be like God. Ask yourselves, has he not already started with his ability to fake every space mission? Let alone the moon landing that was proved to be pure BS?

  12. Don't forget..satan and his fallen angels will soon be totally flesh bound when they are thrown out of Heaven for good. I guess they are pigs who want the planet for themselves and a few million elite suckers to rule over and feed them. But they have lost already.

  13. These scum-bags really do want to save the planet. but not for you, only themselves. That's why 6 and a half billion have to die first. Until then, they need you money and labor, like a slave, paying you with worthless paper called money. But soon, the big wars come while they hide in the dens and the caves.

  14. fortunately, It will take yeshua "Jesus" return to stop them because most of humanity are like blind sheep and follow whatever lie they are told. Kinda sad huh?

  15. agenda 2030 doesn't sound so bad, if you believe what they are saying and not really looking beyond the hype that its really about control and rationing resources

  16. All those idiotic and hypocritical celebrity musicians and actors in the beginning of this video talking about ending poverty and hunger, yet they all pledge their allegiance to their very satanic entertainment industry that they're enslaved to obey and comply with.. Then there are the masses of ignorant, brainwashed people who waste their money going to see them in movies or live concerts, that are even more brain dead to actually go out and take part in their bullshit entertainment.. Then you have the mega hypocrite and just plain evil bastard himself, Bill Gates, the alleged "Philanthropist" and 'humanitarian", yet it's already been discovered and is a total fact that he's an advocate for eugenics, as well as for vaccinating the people, especially the children, of third world, north African and South American nations.. He's the devil's death angel of death.. Imbeciles and hypocrites, ALL.

  17. OMG…..are you serious! There is and always be evil in this world!!! Are you going to work 80 hours a week to support the people that do not contribute at all? You are all crazy! Lol

  18. WATCHING THESE JUDASES MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE . People who are stake holders are no more than paid pawns of the globalist . Stake Holders as if the planet is owned by stakeholders . I wish they would explain to the American and world people . What a stakeholder is . . Obama . Yea Your children and grandchildren will never step foot on any park in their life . Because they aren't STAKEHOLDERS . sO IF YOUR GRAND CHILDREN TRY TO FISH IN A PROTECTED AREA THEY WILL BE ENCOUNTERED BY ARMED SOLDIERS AND MOST LIKELY SHOT OR THROWN IN PRISON . Thank You for the video . I have to go puke after hearing obamas lies . God Bless

  19. According to the Gore lacky science experts . The ice cap's are not supposed to exist at this moment ? I am well aware that this narrative has been planned for decades . Infact I remember when the first pop propaganda started in the late 80's . With the celeb recycle commercials . I specifically remember BB KING being in one of there save the world recycle commercials . So we go from the beginning of the pop propaganda roll out to their poster boy's Clinton gore . They were priming the public minds gearing up for the agenda 21 and climate change with gore . Although I understand this brain child goes way back to the 60's or earlier with The Club Of Rome birth child .
    Has anyone noticed gorbachev in the global spot light lately . Waving prepatory war flags . He if I am correct was one of the old school members of the Club Of Rome .

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