Ceva_Nou_Despre_Will the Xbox One X Kill the PS4? (Nerdist Special Report)

Microsoft dropped a HUGE announcement with the Xbox One X, but will it be good enough to knock off the PS4 as king of the consoles? Dan sizes them up in this Nerdist Special Report!

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29 thoughts on “Ceva_Nou_Despre_Will the Xbox One X Kill the PS4? (Nerdist Special Report)

  1. everyone shut the fuck up like who cares. xbox or playstation. for me its the game fuck ever one should just stop. kids are dying in other countries and your more worried over a fucking box

  2. Okay, lets put this in the perspective of the average person looking to buy a new game console, sure they dont care about 4k, but if everyone is saying its the most powerful console ever, im sure no one will care about dropping an extra $100 for it.

  3. Xbox will eventually dethrown Play Station perminently. When the PS4 came out in order to match their competitor Microsoft released Xbox One really as an unfinished product. Project Scorpio was a plan to finish what they originally planned. It just took them longer. Sony (according to stock trade and company progression) is on the decline as seems so now. Sony holds onto Spiderman and PlayStation but I think that soon Disney will take Spiderman from Sony and Microsoft will beat them in the console industry. Thus the end of Sony. I do wonder about those Asian exclusive on PS survival and where'd they go if Sony falls (within the next 15-20 years)

  4. of course it's better than the PS4. everything worth mentioning that is extreme has an "X' in it's title and Xbox One X is got 3 of them

  5. The Xbox One X is what I am going to be buying instead of the PS4 Pro while yes it is more expensive and the announced exclusives didn't really grab me like PlayStation's (I.E Spider-man) but with the backwards compatibility that will allow me to break out all of my original Xbox games is a big reason why I am a collector of games and I like to revisit my childhood from time and Xbox is making it easier for me to do that so xbox has my money this holiday season

  6. PS4 may have the best exclusives without sacrificing quantity, but with the xbox one x microsoft has become the best place for 3rd party games once again. Not to mention the exclusives on Xbox and windows 10 are nothing to scoff at. If there is a price drop it will completely take over but until then I think it's sales will be very small. It's a console for the future of gaming so I expect a very bad start for a console that nearly everyone will want in 2 years.

  7. "have what it takes" yes maybe.. but 4k is such a loose term used. TV companies have recently agreed on a standard. Most people do not care (yet) or cannot afford to upgrade the console, and the tv. I think this is dumb conversation over all though. Enjoy your games and have fun regardless you play pc, switch, ps4, xboxone, or if you all of them. have fun stop fighting over it.

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