30 thoughts on “Iga Swiatek vs. Polona Hercog | 2019 Samsung Open Final | WTA Highlights

  1. Polona was extremely ugly in this final, fistpumping Iga's errors and c'mons at Iga's DF's. Iga was better but just choked that final when Polona took tactical medical time-out at *2;0 in 3rd for Iga. Still, It's only the beginning for Iga while for Polona it's the maximum. She took behaviour lessons from Serena Williams I suppose.

  2. well done Polona, I wanted her to win. This makes up for that final last year which I felt she deserved to win more than Parmienter who was just pushing the ball around waiting for the errors. She has a good game. Hope she can keep up the momentum

  3. Bravo Polona!!! Iga , keep it up !!! You are better and better every day. Iga ,You are our hope of Polish tennis. I love Polona's behavior at the end . She jumped for joy 🙂

  4. Inexperience was the only reason Iga lost. Like many new players, she struggled in the first set. She went on to win the second and was playing well before Polana took a medical timeout. After that, Polana's experience prevailed.

  5. Great tournament for young 17 yr old Iga  Swiatek…cold, wet weather, Hercog's  experience & rookie errors cost her the match, but what a future star (up to #88 in the world rankings)…she now is automatically in the French Open draw…can't wait to see her continue to improve…great attitude….great new talent for the women's game!!

  6. Hercog has an ATP game on WTA. The only women I know of. She has nice form on the forehand and sliced her backhand a lot. She also has a great kicker, also rare for the WTA. She needs to lower that toss though. Obvious to me who she idolize. If she can get a little more pace on the forehand she would challenge the top.

  7. 17 years old. 3rd main draw appearance. 1st final. Not bad. This time Polona was better, but Iga will take the experience and make use of it in the next tournaments for sure. She has that something what winners have. Great talent.
    And Congrats Polona, good match.

  8. Congrats polona , knew that experience would prevail in the end , so had a healthy bet on her 😁. But , this swiatek kid is real deal , a hell of a talent . Possibly future number 1 .

  9. Talent definitely was on Swiatek's side but experience was on the other. Besides the conditions were awful and Hercog knew better. Congrats to both players! Iga is amazingly gifted and one of a kind and she's on her way to the top of the world

  10. There's a lot of empathy. Chairs that's aproblem cod this two girls is not in the high ranking and look there's no people wanted to see that match…that's sad but that's reality is that Serena and sharapova in the final I'm sure all chiars are no empthy gosh this is a bad final.for few people

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