40 thoughts on “Jelena Ostapenko does not want to play tennis against Karolina Pliskova

  1. HA! This so-called 'bitch' you people hate just won her first slam at the age of 20!! How 'bout that? She's bratty, so what? She's still very very young. Kyrgios was (And still) a douchy teenager, so is A. Zverev (Not bratty, but breaks rackets on a regular basis), and Djokovic and Murray, and even the ice-cold Roger Federer was an angry young man once.

  2. I don't speak English, but I tried 🙂

    Coach: You hurried, you led 4:3, you could take the game. Let her run.
    Ostapenko: I refuse to play!
    Coach: Enough, let's fight.
    Ostapenko: I will not fight …
    Coach: She is determined to play. You thought she would come and make only mistakes?
    Ostapenko: I will not play, I'll repeat it to you again!!!
    Coach: Why did you call me here?
    Ostapenko: I refuse to play! It's all!

    Coach: How can you play at this level and just give her points? She does not give you anything at all!
    Ostapenko: Have you seen the score?
    Coach: So what, yesterday was the same score! Do not give her points. Do not be beaten with all your might. It stands 3 meters from the baseline and beats all your balls. Play with medium power. Alena! Do you want to be at this level and that you are given everything?
    Ostapenko: No, it's not. I do not want to play anymore, I'm telling you again.
    Coach: Calm down, assemble and play, come on. Fight!
    Ostapenko: I already lost.
    Coach: You can win, yesterday the score was even worse.
    Ostapenko: Yesterday she did not serve.
    Coach: This one wins only on your mistakes.
    Ostapenko. Yeah, I noticed. Everything beats.
    Coach: Well, right, she needs to beat 3 balls and you play in the fence. She does not need to do anything else!
    Ostapenko: I will not play, I will not win any more.
    Coach: You win, you can win, she too can start making mistakes. Play at an average speed.
    Ostapenko: I do not want to play anymore. I do not want to play anymore.
    Coach: Alena, enough already. Let's fight. It's all!
    Ostapenko: I do not want to play.

  3. She is authentic, honest, gotta give her that. No she is not a people pleaser, but she does it her way. I have a lot more respect for her than some players who try always to be stars and are on guard. She is fun to watch! 🙂

  4. Only Halep was stupid enough to let this crybaby steal a GS from her. To lead 1-0 and 3-0, 40-15 in the 2nd set and still get beaten by this psychological mess… i wonder how fucked up mentally is Halep, if Ostapenko behaves like she does in this video and still can come back in a GS final against all odds…

  5. Аленка играет сама с собой невидя соперниц.Научится избегать ненужных ошибок вынесет всех.Осталось дело за малым,научится не ошибатся!

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