43 thoughts on “Kristyna Pliskova vs. Karolina Pliskova | 2019 Birmingham Classic Second Round | WTA Highlights

  1. Kristyna beat Carolina and my theory is Karolina lost to Kristyna on purpose so Kristyna goes through to the next round, earn more coins since Karolina is the one earning more money at this point 😏😳🤷‍♀️

  2. It surprises me that karolina is weaker on grass but this is kristyna’s better surface. They have pretty much identical games with big serves. You’d expect them to be good at the same surfaces

  3. I was always a little sad for Krystina. I can't have been easy watching her sister become a top 5 player while she battled for scraps with the bottom barrel journeymen.
    If anything I really admire Karolina. She obviously has champion calibre work ethic and belief to achieve what she has done. I hope she can inspire her sister to do the same.

  4. Ka lets Kr wins. I love them both. So calm and peaceful to watch. No drama whatsoever. You could even see Ka smiling genuinely when they hugged each other.

  5. This may sound weird but if you pay attention you’ll realise Karolina intentionally downplayed to make way for Kristyna. She needed it more and Karolina realises it, it can be seen when Karolina hugs her and Kristyna sort of knows it.

  6. Imagine if they both wear the same uniform, rackets and everything else like common twin style. I think it would be fun and umpire would be mad to which one the point is belong to 😂😂

  7. Krystina seems a bit heavier and of course she's not nearly as successful on the pro tour. It's certainly a curiosity to see them play.

  8. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    No god damn human on earth, not even a tumbleweed:

    Federer/Nadal fans in comments sections like this one: WHY ARE WE WASTING OUR TIME WATCHING OTHER PLAYERS WHEN FEDERER AND/OR NADAL EXIST!!1!

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