47 thoughts on “Match Point: Simona Halep vs Coco Gauff Wimbledon 2019

  1. Professor Simona…slams the book shut…class dismissed…next victim please…short stuff is lookin like #1 in the world…go simo go…

  2. What the trainors and people around Coco forgot to instill in her were HUMILITY and FINESSE. Look when she won in the first and second round she was jumping LIKE A GORILLA just like what her idol does (Serena Williams). As the saying goes MONEY CAN NOT BUY CLASS bwahahahahhahahahaha

  3. Why adults so ignorant, Coco Gauff is a fifteen year old teenager and she dont have a lot experience as a pro tennis player. She was impressive considering the odds.

  4. Looking and hearing the crowd I see a bit of disappointment that their new favourite didn't won . In the same time a bit disrespectful towards Simona whit their apathetic cheering.:(

  5. It is exceptional G lost..Because she was posted by so many as the Mother Virgin of tennis,ready to beat all top ten..G entered today in match convinced she will smash Halep.This tipe of nurturing false ideas is very dangerous for anyone,especially a teenager.She must know where her place is.Today she found out and was put in her right place.Nevertheless,her tennis is art.But will shine like it was overrated these days over many many years..Have patience ,people.Everything has its time..Don t fast things!

  6. i was watching ash barty vs harriet dart match on saturday and sam smith was commentating with matt chilton and smith hardly mentioned barty or dart through out the first set it was coco this coco that and she wasn't even playing the bbc went overboard with gauff will be interesting to see where she is in 12 months time

  7. this young lady too confident this tour not knowing there are a lot of dangerous oponents ahead…she still needs to eat more rice to win..😂😂😂😂 lol

  8. Oh please Youtube: Simona is leaving next match for sure: Coco is a rising 🌟: she is doing great for a 15 years olds. Simona has a lot of emotional ussues that she needs to work in so give me a break Simona will not win the Wimbleton 2019 with Katolina and Serena Williams still on the race.

  9. 2015:  "Halep…… reached the semifinals, where she lost in a tough match to eventual winner Serena Williams."  That says a lot and agrees with the comments posted here.

  10. Even in a losing effort, 3-6 3-6 against Halep in Rd 4 at Wimbledon at 15 is a good sign. Congrats to Halep and I like Gauff's future.

  11. Once again the fake news ESPN commentators hyped a rookie as the new coming in tennis and than the reality came and the buzz saw called Simona Haley shut them up

  12. Coco didn't play her best. I think on a good day the scoreline would've have been closer going either players way.

  13. Que gran jugadora va a ser Cori Gauff!!Futura Ines Gorrochategui Futura Gaby Sabatini y Futura Graff!!Me gusta porque tiene apenas 15 años quizas pronto sea Top ten y numero 1 !!Mi deseo es!!

  14. Coco was already playing against world class players. She did amazing for someone of her age
    No doubt in my mind that she had an amazing future ahead of her. She'll come back and do infinitely better

  15. Coco needs to change to different sports that is better for race like track or cross country! She got own by a white tennis player big time! She had no business playing in Wimbledon but leave to the Democrat media sucking up and pandering to the negro race to over hype cucu for Cocoa Puffs lol

  16. I can’t believe the negro race was stupid enough to think 🤔 she had a chance to win the Wimbledon tournament lol!

  17. They should have pre or post drug test coco to see if she had marijuana in her system because negro people love smoking dope! Lol

  18. Coco needs to humble herself! If she would of won.. She would of stayed and signed those tennis balls that that fans showed her. She needs to be humble and act like a big girl in this big girl game. Halep was just to much Tennis for her.. But act like a pro.. If u want to be a pro.

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