Nadal wins 80th ATP title in Toronto | Rogers Cup 2018 Final

Rafael Nadal has won a historic 80th ATP World Tour title in Toronto, defeating #NextGenATP star Stefanos Tsitsipas. Watch official ATP tennis streams all year …



20 thoughts on “Nadal wins 80th ATP title in Toronto | Rogers Cup 2018 Final

  1. Without doubt, the greatest competitor ever in tennis history. That intensity and focus on each point is such an underrated trait of his but it is unbelievable. Absolutely amazing. He was born to play tennis, what an amazing champion. Everything he wins, he deserves it big time.

  2. ''Yeah Yeah Nadal is only a Clay court player only wins on clay i mean he last won a big hard court title back in 2013!'' wins Us open in 2017: ''O come on he didnt even face a top 10 player in the whole tournament just got Lucky with the draw'' Well then whats the excuse now?!! Tsitsipas was tired? Cilic choked? Im just gonna say 1ST MASTER 1000 HARD COURT TITLE SINCE 2013 BABYYYY VAMOSSS and congrats Stefanos! you almost came back again today bright future for him! he is much better in mentally then Zverev!Meer weergeven

  3. The Great Rafa Nadal, his humility and intensity are undeniable.. He’s the one reason I watch and love tennis.. Rafa and Roger are the best tennis ambassadors.. just watch and enjoy while they’re still playing..

  4. The drugcheat finally wins something on a real surface. Had to play nobodys to win though.
    Now hes dodging Roger next week the coward. And before you say he's preserving his body like Roger does, remember Roger is 6 years older than this dirty drugcheat. Roger never missed a tournament at Nadals age…

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