Novak Djokovic vs David Goffin Wimbledon 2019 quarter-final highlights

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26 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs David Goffin Wimbledon 2019 quarter-final highlights

  1. It's an absolute pleasure seeing these three still dominate. Why are the younger generation not beating them? Because they're just not good enough, mentally or physically. The big 3 are unbelievably consistent. They move around the court like 21 year olds. They hit amazing shots over and over again, making the opposition run around the court. Djokovic has such great depth to his shots, hitting the baseline regularly. I hope they all finish on 20 slams and we can call them the goat trio.

  2. Way more worried about the semis than the final. Djokovic will beat either Nadal or Federer in the final. Bautista Agut worries me more. Djokovic should beat him (and probably will) but he has to stay patient. He's one of those players that just annoys him. Much more chance of losing the semis than the final IMO.

  3. Well done, I see Djokovic as the only one at the moment that can stop Nadal from passing Federer’s grand slam wins, then eventually passing Roger himself but he’d have to stay injury free. For me Nadal is a ‘clay court specialist’ which isn’t the same accomplishment as winning multiple times on different surfaces like Roger & Novak.

  4. Novače dobri čoveče svaka čast na osvojenom Vimbldonu i puno uspeha i sreće u daljoj karijeri!!!
    Ti si naš ponos nacije!!!
    Greetengs from Belgrade for all funs of No_1 of white sport and GS Wimbledon!!!

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