35 thoughts on “Ostapenko throws her racket at a ballboy

  1. I don't think she meant to hit him but she definitely threw it in a temper which is unacceptable. You can tell by her body language in the replay when she's like "shit what have I done" and reluctantly puts her hand up to say "sorry" ages later. If it was a genuine accident she would be like "OMG sorry sorry sorry" and running over straight away. Little shit. At the end of the day if I do a dangerous tackle on the football pitch with my studs up I get sent off. Why should she sling a large metal lump at a child and be allowed to carry on playing

  2. It didnt appear as Ostapenko threw the racket on purpose. It looks as if she swung it in frustration and relaxed her grip at the end of her swing and accidentally released the racket. Playing the video in Slow motion she didn't even appear to be looking at the ball boy, and it doesn't seem as if the ball boy had done anything wrong in the first place to receive any sort of revenge. 
    With all of that said, Broady seemed to want to jump on the situation to try and get Ostapenko forfeited so she could advance, but that wasnt happening, so she had a sudden burst of energy to finish out the game with a win. Then, caught up in the emotions and moment, she had to continue twisting the knife. 
    Now, if Brody had that much motivation naturally, then her career might be better looked upon, but sadly, she isnt good enough to win consistently against top players. 
    Too sad. Soooo much talent, but will not be considered one of the greats in the game.

  3. Ostapenko is a horrible human being. Saw her play live – once she lost one crucial game after leading the first set, she spent the entire remainder of the match complaining to her box (her people) that she “doesn’t want to play anymore”. Over and over again she showed herself to be a horrible sportsman to the crowd. Incredibly bad attitude and brutal human being.

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