Simona HALEP #1 with NEW COACH [in description]

Get used to this “new” name: Andrei Pavel. Andrei Pavel WTA: IG @SimonaHalep:…



49 thoughts on “Simona HALEP #1 with NEW COACH [in description]

  1. It's not that Simona played bad, she played really good, it was Maria that outdid herself and brought the best of herself, and she was better than Simona last night…period. No need for excuses.

  2. was her first serve that cost her….the game was excellent. Both women were extremely determined. There was clearly more at stake than just a 'game' for the both of them. I don't know what the rules were in regards to excusing yourself in the middle of a match for a 'washroom break'. I thought that was odd..and clearly strategic on the behalf of maria?

  3. Simona lost constantly playing with top 10 players (including this match), but won many other matches and she almost won two Grand Slam titles at Paris and almost was number 1 WTA (almost only 5 points missing) and almost won Masters tournament. She is almost a talented player, but not enough to be a great player like Sharapova, Muguruza, Serena or Pliskova !

  4. HUGE NEWS! Get used to this "new" name: Andrei Pavel.
    Officially "complementing" Darren Cahill. Probably Simona's official coach starting Jan 2018. Or sooner, if Darren quits. ESPN is always an option for him. Tks Darren!
    Source IG @SimonaHalep: "simonahalep …Now i also want to tell you that Andrei Pavel is a member of my team. It s an honor for me to have him around. I m sure that i have many things to learn from his experience and advice.
    Nothing changes with Darren, everything will be the same👊🏼 "

  5. I hope Simona pulls together her game and gets more aggressive and wins a slam I really like her and saw her beat Garcia in Toronto she moves amazingly fast ..was cheering fur Maria ultimately but hated to see simona lose

  6. Maria won, good for her but she is still a cheat. It's so unfair that all these dopers are allowed to play again.

    About Simona, being her fan it's really frustrating to watch her now and started to make me think that her chances of winning big are very slim.
    she kind of reminds me of richard gasquet, Who had potential to do exceptionally well but now its just a wasted talent.

  7. She needs to fire Darren and hire a serving coach to get her first serve faster and more accurate. Besides that, she played like a champion and did wonderfully. Sharapova draw in the first round is just brutal, she's like a final boss battle you need to warm up to.

  8. Loved her response on being lucky or unlucky. She is such a fighter man! Such an inspiration for everyone to follow. Have never ever heard her giving excuses. She deserves all the attention and much more. More power to you Girl !!1

  9. whatever one might say about Halep, i don't think it'd be fair to ever say that she's always coming up with excuses. she is a stand up person and if she loses, she'll take responsibility for it. that's what i like about her.

  10. Simona played really well in this match and just got very unlucky with her draw, especially as Sharapova was 6-0 already in their head to head. But she acquitted herself as well as she could and her press conference answers were very mature and sensible, so I wish her the best for the remainder of the season.

  11. Good player but she lacks mental toughness and focus. More importantly, she can't close out a big match even with a solid lead. Sad to watch.

  12. What a true champion. Her attitude is golden. Says what she means in a respectable way. Doesn't talk about anyone personally. Keeps it professional. So refreshing to see.

  13. HALep along with Mugaruzza are the classiest woman players – win or lose – up there with NADal. Very different from cold hearted cheater Sharapova

  14. She needs more power in her arms . She has good legs , but somehow it miss a little more power in the arms. And that for the lack of height when facing some taller opponents.I mean she will never be like Serena , but somewhere at 75-80 % of Serena 's power would be extremely nice .
    Remember a quote from Rocky 4 ? – "" Whatever he hits , he destroys '' ! (regarding Ivan Drago ).
    Good luck , Simo !

  15. I feel so sorry for Halep. It feels like she is going almost to cry due to loss… She is very nice person, very honest and beautiful… I would prefer Wozniacki, Bouchard or losing instead of Halep.

  16. She is such a mature player, she never comes up with excuses, always very honest. Even if her opponent deserves hard critic, she didn`t say a single bad word about it. True class

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