Worst line calls and umpire decisions in Tennis

Many barbaric calls have been made by officials, umpires or referees in sports history and there are way too many who would deserve the cake. According to some the NBA has the worst officiating…



20 thoughts on “Worst line calls and umpire decisions in Tennis

  1. Ummm…. they should do vision tests on the linesmen and women and the umpires. Farout, Serena's hits were clearly all in. Thank god that they can challenge now.

  2. I disagree that officiating was worse before Hawkeye. I think officiating is worse now because they've come to rely too heavily on technology. More calls go right because of the ability to review the calls, but that's the technology, not the officials. Oh, and note to Ryan Harrison, I don't think anyone really gives a shit if you don't play another one in Dallas. You've been a huge disappointment.

  3. 2:58, lol what a liar, clearly double bounced and the ball had top spin on it, which proves the theory.
    3:20, 100% intentional.
    4:35, you can see the ball mark on the ground, the player was right it was roughly 6 inches wide.
    5:56, again wayyy wide. The linesman is blind AF. WOW! Same at 6:33 lol, you can see the mark on the ground, it was even farther out, almost a foot lol. That shit was rigged no question. Poor guy.

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